Grafters Only Case Study

Delve into the case study created for the development of Grafters Only new brand identity!

1. Project Overview

Grafters Only, a new music label, needed a comprehensive brand identity to establish a strong market presence and resonate with their urban, music-focused audience.

Client Name: Grafters Only
Industry: Music Label
Project Duration: 1 month

2. Challenges

Detail the primary challenges faced before the project began:

  • Lack of Brand Recognition: As a new entrant in the music industry, Grafters Only needed to build brand recognition from the ground up.
  • Defining Visual Identity: The client had no existing visual elements, requiring a complete creation of logo, colour palette, typography, and imagery.
  • Urban Appeal: The brand needed to appeal to an urban audience, which required a design that was both modern and edgy.
Grafters Only Logo

3. Objectives

Specific goals set for the visual design:

  • Modern, Professional Logo: Create a logo that represents the brand’s professional yet edgy nature.
  • Urban Design: Develop a visual identity that appeals to the urban music scene.

4. Solutions Provided

To reach our goals for this new brand identity there were certain steps we took to achieve it:

Branding Visual Identity:

  • Logo Design: Created four initial logo concepts reflecting modern and urban aesthetics.
  • Colour Palette: Selected colours that convey energy, creativity, and professionalism.
  • Typography: Chose fonts that are bold and contemporary, suitable for a music label.
  • Imagery: Developed visual elements that resonate with the target audience’s culture and style.


  • Provided detailed mockups to help the client visualise how the new brand would look across various platforms and merchandise.

Brand Guidelines:

  • Developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all brand materials and future marketing efforts.

Brand Presentation:

  • Created a detailed brand presentation to explain design choices, showcase the brand’s vision, and ensure client understanding and approval.

5. Process

For all our designs we follow a proven step-by-step process to ensure all our websites are to a high quality & standard. Here are the steps we took: 

  1. Research and Discovery:

    • Conducted thorough research on the music industry and urban design trends.
    • Analysed competitors to understand industry standards and best practices.
  2. Planning and Strategy:

    • Defined the project scope and deliverables.
    • Conducted brainstorming sessions to generate initial logo ideas.
  3. Design and Development:

    • Designed four initial logo concepts for client selection.
    • Chose the colour palettes and typography best suited to the brand’s goals and target audience.
  4. Initial Design to Launch:

    • Presented the four logo concepts to the client for feedback and selection.
    • Refined the chosen logo based on client feedback until satisfaction was achieved.
    • Compiled all design elements into a cohesive brand presentation for final approval.
    • Finalised and launched the new brand identity after client approval.

6. Results

After a successful design, here is what we have achieved by creating Present the outcomes and measurable results achieved after the redesign:

  • Increased Brand Recognition: The new brand identity significantly boosted Grafters Only’s visibility in the music industry.
  • Positive Audience Feedback: Received excellent feedback from the target audience, appreciating the modern and urban design.
  • Consistent Brand Image: The comprehensive brand guidelines ensured a consistent and professional brand image across all platforms.

7. Client Review

Grafters Only
Grafters Only
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This new brand identity design is not only visually striking but also thoughtfully crafted to match with both artists and audiences. Great job from Lex Designs, will be back for future jobs!

8. Visuals

9. Conclusion

Overall, the new brand identity for Grafters Only successfully established a strong market presence and resonated with the urban music audience.

By focusing on a modern and edgy design, LexDzns delivered a brand that not only meets the client’s needs but also positions them effectively in the competitive music industry.

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