WolFlicks Case Study

This case study details our strategic approach, creative process, and the successful outcomes achieved.

1. Project Overview

WolFlicks is a new brand specialising in content creation, primarily posting football clips to social media. They required a comprehensive brand identity to establish their presence and engage their audience effectively. This included creating a visually appealing logo and various social media assets to ensure a cohesive and professional online presence.

Client Name: WolFlicks
Industry: Content Creator
Project Duration: 1 month

2. Challenges

Before the project began, WolFlicks faced several challenges:

  • Lack of Visual Identity: As a new brand, WolFlicks did not have an established visual identity that reflected their unique style and focus.
  • Inconsistent Social Media Presence: Without branded social media assets, their platforms lacked uniformity, reducing brand recognition and engagement.
  • Competitive Market: The football content creation market is highly competitive, requiring a distinctive and memorable brand identity to stand out.
WolFlicks Logo Trans

3. Objectives

The specific goals set for the visual design were:

  • Cool Logo: Create a modern, dynamic logo that resonates with football fans and reflects the brand’s energetic spirit.
  • Mascot: Develop a mascot that enhances brand identity and serves as a recognisable symbol across all platforms.

4. Solutions Provided

We implemented a series of solutions to address WolFlicks’ challenges:

Branding Visual Identity:

    • Logo Design: Created a dynamic and engaging logo.
    • Colour Palette: Selected vibrant and bold colours that reflect the excitement of football.
    • Typography: Chose fonts that convey energy and modernity.
    • Imagery: Incorporated relevant imagery to enhance the brand’s visual appeal.

Mockups: Provided mockups to help visualise the new brand across different media.

Brand Guidelines: Developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all platforms and marketing materials.

Brand Presentation: Created a detailed brand presentation to explain design choices and convey the overall vision.

Social Media Assets:

    • Social Media Banner: Designed a cohesive YouTube banner to ensure a uniform channel appearance.
    • Instagram Highlight Icons: Created custom icons for Instagram highlights to maintain a consistent and professional look.
    • Instagram Templates: Developed reusable templates for Instagram posts, enabling consistent branding in all updates.

5. Process

Outlined below is the step-by-step process followed during the project:

  1. Research and Discovery:

    • Analysed competitors to understand industry standards and best practices.
    • Conducted market research to identify visual trends within the football content creation niche.
  2. Planning and Strategy:

    • Defined the project scope and deliverables.
    • Conducted brainstorming sessions to generate initial logo ideas.
  3. Design and Development:

    • Designed four logo concepts, each reflecting a different aspect of the brand’s identity.
    • Selected a colour palette and typography that align with the brand’s energetic and modern feel.
  4. Initial Design to Launch:

    • Presented the four logo concepts to the client, allowing them to choose their favourite.
    • Refined the chosen logo until the client was fully satisfied.
    • Compiled all elements into a brand presentation for client approval.
    • Launched the new brand identity upon client approval.
  5. Social Media Assets:

    • Developed social media assets post-approval, focusing on maintaining a consistent and professional look.
    • Created banners, highlight icons, and templates tailored to the brand’s social media strategy.

6. Results

The implementation of the new brand identity for WolFlicks resulted in several positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: The cohesive visual identity significantly improved brand recognition across social media platforms.
  • Increased Engagement: The professional and consistent look led to higher engagement rates, with followers interacting more with posts and videos.
  • Positive Feedback: Received numerous compliments from followers and peers within the industry, praising the new logo and overall brand appearance.
  • Competitive Edge: The distinctive branding helped WolFlicks stand out in the competitive football content creation market.

7. Client Review

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Working with LexDzns was an absolute pleasure. They created a truly exceptional brand identity. The new logo and social media assets have not only enhanced our online presence but have also significantly increased our engagement. We couldn't be happier with the results.

9. Conclusion

The rebranding of WolFlicks was a resounding success. By focusing on a modern, dynamic visual identity and consistent social media assets, we were able to provide WolFlicks with the tools needed to establish a strong, recognisable presence in the competitive world of football content creation.

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