Pami Building Services Case Study

1. Introduction

Pami Building Services (PBS), is a property maintenance company, sought to modernise its brand identity to better reflect its services and values.

2. Deliverables

  • Brand Identity (Colours, Typography, Imagery)
  • Logo Design
  • Stationary Designs (Business cards, letterheads, envelopes)
  • Social Media Assets (Banners) 
Pami Building Services Logo

3. Client Background

PBS specialises in property maintenance, offering services such as Landlord Gas Certificates, Cooker and Boiler Installation, General Plumbing, Bathroom Renovation, and Heating and Air Conditioning.
The company caters to homeowners and landlords in need of reliable property maintenance solutions.

4. Project goals

  • The primary goal was to redesign the brand identity to convey professionalism, reliability, and modernity.
  • Secondary objectives included creating stationary designs to maintain consistency across marketing materials.

5. Design Process

  • The design process began with research into the property maintenance industry and target audience preferences.
  • Collaborative brainstorming sessions with the client helped define the brand’s core values and visual identity.
  • Iterative design concepts were developed, refined, and presented to the client for feedback.

6. Results

brand identity, print/digital design, business cards, pami building services

  • The redesigned brand identity garnered positive feedback from clients and stakeholders, enhancing brand recognition and credibility.
  • Stationary designs provided a professional and consistent brand image across various touchpoints.
  • Pami Building Services reported increased customer engagement and inquiries following the brand refresh.

7. Conclusion

The successful rebranding initiative has positioned Pami Building Services as a modern and reliable choice in the property maintenance industry.
Effective brand identity design has proven instrumental in driving business growth and enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

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